SF-34 loop
Not a very nice loop !
"Well I was busy taking pictures".

"Falling Weights and Planes"
The Dogma001 for this amateur planespotters site is:

Great flight ! (Puchacz in Arnborg)
  1. It has nothing to do with bombs.
  2. Photos must picture a Falling Weight Deflectometer.
  3. The Writer's God only is able to overrule The Dogma001.
  4. Photos must picture or be taken by the undersigned.
  5. Sneak in a photo with The Mrs.

Jan Winterskov


In a "G-2" old schoolplane
In a Blanik in the Czeck Republich
Taking The Mrs. for a spin
 in a Blanik
Great thermals
Airtow in a puchaz
after a Piper Pawnee.

In a asK-13 over www.f-f-f.dk
In a Ask-13

A dream come through
In one of the last airworthy
 Finnish MiG-21.